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Jenny & The Holzers, Hollows, & Lonliest Monk

My band Paper Fleet played a show last saturday and Bruar Falls in Brooklyn, and I took some pictures of the bands we played with. I didn’t take any pictures of myself while I was playing.

First up was Jenny and the Holzers, singing songs that compel you to google their titles.

Jenny and The Holzers anaglyphJenny and The Holzers crosseye

Then we played. Like I said. I didn’t take pictures of us.

Then Hollows played. They’re from Chicago. They were rad. Go listen to them on myspace, check them out live if you can and buy their record. I did. It rocks.

Lastly was Loneliest Monk. I will be honest. When I heard they were a duo featuring cello, I wasn’t expecting to stay awake for long, but they really won everyone over with their uptempo dynamic sound. Some said they were great except the drummer’s mask. Some said the mask was the best part. I will stay neutral on the subject of the mask and let you decide for yourself.

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