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Posted by jim on March 05, 2007

You will be even more astonished and amazed at lengths I go to to waste time on top of the time I already wasted wasteing time. Click here to see.

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My Great Grandfathers Navy photos

Posted by jim on January 30, 2007

I am posting some of my great grandfather’s photos from when he was in the navy ( around 1901 to 1904) on Flickr.

Maybe someday I’ll post pictures that I took.

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oldest news

Posted by jim on December 31, 2006

I will be showing originals of my comics at Rocketship Comics (208 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York 718.797.1348)

come to the party!!

The Second annual CARTOON BROOKLYN gallery show! This year’s cartoonists in the Borough of Kings are the Amazing Aaron Renier, Jazzy Jim Campbell, the Sensational Sara Varon, and the Uncanny Gabrielle Bell! Eight PM, Saturday Night! July 29th!

Thanks for all the people who supported me in San Francisco at the Alternative Press Expo. (sorry I forgot to mention my appearance here before. If you meant to but didnt pick up a copy of Krachmacher 2, you can get it now online! Krachmacher 2 is available here if you only want one, or at wholesale price for retailers here. You can also get some other items like the Paper Fleet 7inch and ottomen albums.

Paper Fleet, my band, just released a 7? record, and it has a 4 page comic in it by myself. It’s available now at the ottoshop warehouse

Thanks for everybody
who bought my books at spx. I had a great time hanging out with Dash,
Jeffro and Karl Stevens, and met a bunch more cool people. too many
to mention. I have updated the comix
and store sections
of my site so you can buy
your copies of Krachamacher 2 now!

I will be at SPX
on september 23rd through the 25th signing at the Alternative Comics
table. It’s in Bethesda Maryland, a suburb of D.C. and can be easily
reached via the DC subway system… so if you will be in town for the
on Washington”
like my friend Mike
will be (he did some of the dialogue in my first Krachmacher)
stop by. BECAUSE, my new book
will be out!! (More Info Soon)

Its not full color this time, but it’s good anyways. This book won’t be available in most stores , so pick up a copy at the convention, or Ill have them available here soon!

Hey you should go out and buy the most recent Compilation of Maakies comics: “Der Struwwelmaakies”. See if you can spot the strip on which I sustituted for Mr. Millionaire while he was otherwise engaged in having his intestine operated upon.

I’ll be at MoCCA
signing Krachmacher at the Alternative or meathaus tables. This is the
first time the book has been available at MoCCA. I’m done with issue
2 and will have a preview there but I still gotta find a publisher.

Another Signing of
Krachmacher at Jim Hanley’s
in New York City (33rd st by the Empire State Building) on MArch
25th at 6 PM
. This time with my buddy Dash
whos also got a new book (maybe 2 by then!?)
and Tim Krieder
who writes The
Pain When Will it End

The Cambridge Signing was fun, fun, fun.
book is awesome, so run out and get it. Thanks to him for
organizing the thing. Hans’s
book is worth a purchasing too. Josh
was the mystery fourth party who also has a delightful book
out about his journeys in Asia.Thanks to Tony and the dudes at Million
Year Picnic!

I’m gonna be signing copies
of Krachmacher
and maybe other stuff at Million
Year Picnic
in Cambridge, Mass, Saturday
March 5
from 4 to 5pm with some other Xeric winners..probably
Hans Rickheit
and Karl
at least. There will also be a signing in NY ..see below.

I will also be in a gallery show of
sequential art which is having an opening on the same day Saturday
March 5
in kingston, NY (in the “upstate”
near Freeball, NY) at the Wright Gallery – 50 N. Front Street Kingston,
NY. Original art from Krachmacher will be for sale, plus get a sneak
peak at 2 crucial pages from Krachmacher issue 2!!!

I colored some stuff for Tony Millionaire and Tomer
Hanuka in the new BIZARRO

I have a comic in the back page of
the February 2005 Spin
Well, I illustrated it. The writers
at Spin along with one o the Dudes from the band A
Simple Plan
wrote it.Heres
a bad joke that got edited out
. wow.(you can also see how
the color should have looked)

BELIEVE IT! I got a Xeric grant.
Thanks to the Xeric
, at SPX 2004 you will be able to get a copy of my book

for more info

been doing some coloring work for Tony
Look for Star
Wars Tales #20
( I colored the cover and a 10 page story) and a
new Sock Monkey book (36 page full color) in stores this summer. I will
also have a 2 page story of my own in Star Wars 20 featuring a nice
family of wampas!

you arent following them already, I have new comics online weekly at
the meathaus weekly Funny Pages

of the below items are out NOW!!:
to your local awesome comic shop and ask for the books!
Grrl Scouts “Work Sucks”#2 (Image)
Jim Campbell pinup in the back, as well as one
by Fellow Meathauser Farel Dalrymple
Action comics #2

“An Ardent Declaration”

5 page comic by Jim D.C, titled
– continuation
of the Cedrick and the Pork Roast series

Thing #2

“Will You Remember Me?”

a 20 page comic written by Jim Higgins, Illustrated by Jim D.C.

, “Firefox 45?,

continuation of the Cedrick and the Pork Roast series

– Cedrick falls in Love!!!

45 the record!

1/2 a record to be precise, an Ottomen
side featuring the song “Firefox 45?
promo record to be sold along with or to compliment Meathaus #7. Will
also feature a side by
Meathauser Chris
band Ancient

through beard records

Every week you can see a new strip comic by jim at Meathaus

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