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Over the Garden Wall comic book (and show!)

Hey! I drew this 28 pages comic book! It’s written by Pat McHale (the creator of the show). It’s a small extra adventure that takes place roughly between episodes 2 and 3.

It should be in stores tomorrow!

You can get more info about it here

Over The Garden Wall Special #01 

kaboom_over_the_garden_wall_001_aOTGW03Oh yeah, and I did storyboards for this show too! I worked on episode 3 with Laura Park (she designed the techer and some of the animals). Here is a video clip of a segment I storyboarded. The song is the demo version of the song on the show, written and recorded my my old friend David V. Stevenson of the Ottomen:

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Drunk Talk Show Kids!

I animated the newest episode of Drunk Talk Show. If you don’t know about it, Drunk Talk Show is an internet sitcom by my friends James and Brett. Only this week it’s animated.

Check out more episodes at!

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