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Recent coloring work

I haven’t been posting much, so here’s a backlog of samples of some stuff I’ve colored the past few months. Kinda interresting and fun cuz I’ve been asked to do a variety of styles.

This was for a Marvel A Plus X #5 story by Kathryn Immonen and drawn by David Lafuente Featurng Doop (That green floating guy originally created by Mike Allred) and Iron Fist. Serious props to David Lafuente on these pages. I never saw someone go so nuts outside the script box and make it work. The 3rd page is what happenswhen Doop eats you apparently.


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Spike and Mike Poster

I colored this posted drawn by Tony Millionaire for the Spike and Mike film festival. They changed the color of the banner in the final because they thought green on yellow was hard to read or something. go figure. Awesome poster anyway!! I’m glad spike and Mike are still up and running… well Spike anyway. Rest in Peace Mike.

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Ramona Fradon comics

Art director/editor or Spoungebob Comics Chris Duffy let me color some comics drawn by Ramona Fradon. She is a real treasure. She drew classic issues of Aquaman back in the day and she’s still going strong.  These 2 Pages are from the story The Legend of the Novella Graphica (Story by Jason Lambert and Drawings by Ramona Fradon) Featured in Spoungebob Comics #18

Here’s 2 pages from another Ramona Fradon drawn story by  Chris Duffy. The Prince and the Tortoise  for Fairy Tale Comics published by Macmillan/First Second

And I did another special Ramona comic for Spoungebob comics but I ‘ll have to keep that a secret until it’s released… I’m pretty excited about it.


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Tony Millionaire Spoungebob

I colored a Tony Millionaire story For Spoungebob Comics The Haunted 13th Issue. Here’s a couple pages from it:

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Wolverine and Uncanny X-Force

Here are a couple pages I colored for Regenesis Uncanny X-Force Volume 1 #19 (written by Rick Remender and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez). Sorry if I gave away the ending here, but you’ll have to buy the book if you wanna read the dialogue.

And this here page I colored for Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 24. This comic and that last one were both comics where I just filled in for a couple pages. Another colorist did most of the book. But I did the pages you see here. This is one of those cases where I had to fit in with an existing style. A bit more glowy than I normally do but I’m happy with how they turned out.

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Conan Comics

I got to color some vintage Conan comics a little while ago for Darkhorse. These were reissues of comics that were originally black and white, so it was sometimes a challenge dealing with the halftone of the old scans.The stories are called Demons of the Summit (first 2 pages below) and Child of Sorcery (the next 3 after that). I believe these were published in Darkhorse’s Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword. Although I can’t figure out which issue..

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Updated the coloring section of portfolio

Have a look at some of the new work I’ve done recently, including stuff for the Strange Case of Mr. Hyde comic, Tony Millionaire and the X-Men, To Serve and Protect series.

Click on over to

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4th & final issue of Hyde in stores now

The 4th issue of the Strange Case of Mr. Hyde (written mt Cole Haddon, Illustrated my M.S. Corley, and colored by Myself) is available in stores and online now! Check out the thrilling conclusion!

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Strange case of Mr Hyde 2 out now!

I’ve been coloring this awesome new series for Dark Horse the past few months. The first issue has been out about a month and the reviews are raving. Well the second issue is officially out now! Run to your local comic shop! Thanks to Cole Haddon(writer) and Mike Corley (artist)! The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2 :: Profile :: Dark Horse Comics

and the reviews are rolling in:

Comic Reviews | Player Affinity | The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2 – Review

I didnt blog much about issue 1. I’ve been quite busy, and when I finally went to the store they were already sold out! You may still be able to get yer hands on a copy, but if you have an ipad you can also download it:

Here’s some reviews of issue 1:

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Comic on Vice Magazine’s website

I made this comic with my pal Nicholas Gazin in his sketchbook over coffee one day. Then I colored it, and now it’s on the Vice website! We drew every other panel. Good times.

Here’s link to the full comic:

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