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Paper Fleet and David Liebe Hart

Next monday, Paper Fleet are opening for David Liebe Hart of Time and Eric Awesome Show fame (and his band!) at Bruar Falls! Andy Bodor also has a new band playing. Here’s a link to the facebook invite.

Also, I just got back from a couple weeks in Rome an I’m gonna post some pictures on my 3D site

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The Ottomen in 3D

Here it is. the first video footage of the Ottomen in 3D. Looks like I need to invest in a steadycam and some lights. Ah well.

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Bloodweiser in 3-D

Just saw the old pals Bloodweiser perform at Fontana’s in NYC. I shot a couple songs with the 3-D camera and again posted them on youtube. The camera gets better results with brighter light but it does work. If you don’t have the old red/cyan glasses lying around from those 3-D comics or Hannah Montana movie, just chose “crosseye” view and cross your eyes till the left and right images merge in the middle.
click here to view the video below on the youtube site and get all the 3-D options.

Sunday December 6th, 2009 in Music, videos | Comments Off on Bloodweiser in 3-D