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new Coloring section on my portfolio

I just added a coloring section to my online portfolio. Ive been doing a lot of coloring work the past few years, but until now I had only uploaded a couple samples under the illustration section. Below a few more examples of things I’ve colored. But there are a lot more in the portfolio

Ive been coloring the whole series Age of the Reptiles, The Journey by Ricardo Delgado. Here’s the cover of issue 4, which will be coming out soon. Issues 1 through 3 are already out.

This one is the cover of the new Tony Millionaire Coffee Table Art Book The Art of Tony Millionaire. Tony Drew it. I just Colored it.

Here are a couple pages from issue 5 of New Mutants. Drawn by Zachary Baldus

Here’s a page from Tony’s Iron Man comic he did for Strange Tales #2

Farel Dalrymple drew this comic for Dark Horse’s Myspace page and it’s now in an anthology called Myspace Dark Horse Presents Volume 4

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Dinosaurs, Drunken Crows, and Record Collectors

Hey. I know it’s been a while since I rapped at ya. But I’ve been keeping busy. Here’s a few new projects I have out there.

I illustrated a story (written by Brendan) about “Prisoner of Jazz” Boris Rose for Brendan Burford’s new Syncopated anthology. Boris was an intriguing real life character who recorded live jazz off the radio in a time when most of these performances would have been otherwise completely lost to the ages.

I colored the cover and several interior bits of art in the forthcoming Art of Tony Millionaire coffee table type art book. I’ve been working with Tony for a few years now, and this book has tons of art and anecdotes that I’d never seen or heard of. Entertaining and Educational!

I am the colorist for the new Ricardo Delgato 4 part series “Age of Reptiles: The Journey”. You may have seen Ricardo’s previous Age of Reptiles series in the 90’s, and he’s stepped his game up even more this time. So many dinosaurs.

I have a couple other cool coloring projects on the horizon but them’s top secret for now.

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