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Recent coloring work

I haven’t been posting much, so here’s a backlog of samples of some stuff I’ve colored the past few months. Kinda interresting and fun cuz I’ve been asked to do a variety of styles.

This was for a Marvel A Plus X #5 story by Kathryn Immonen and drawn by David Lafuente Featurng Doop (That green floating guy originally created by Mike Allred) and Iron Fist. Serious props to David Lafuente on these pages. I never saw someone go so nuts outside the script box and make it work. The 3rd page is what happenswhen Doop eats you apparently.


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Preview Of Strange Tales #2, stuff I colored

I colored A comic for Gilbert Hernandez and one for Tony Millionaire in this issue:

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colored more comics for Dark Horse & Marvel.

I Just colored a couple comics for Dark Horse and Marvel. I’ll disclose fully when they are out, but here are a couple samples. Maybe you can figure it out.

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Coloring more Tony Millionaire Stuff

I’ve been busy coloring comics lately. Here are a couple preview panels of 3 separate comics I’ve colored for Tony Millionaire. I don’t want to give too much away until they are out in stores…

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