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Kansas City Art Institute Campus in 3d

I had been having dreams of returning Kansas City Art Institute. The dreams were reoccurring, and when that happens I feel like I need to do something about it. So over the holidays I took a sentimental stroll through the KCAI campus. It was empty obviously because of the winter break, and the trees were bear because it’s winter. That, along with the fact that I was alone added to the melancholy of the visit. But it was interesting to see what had changed and what was the same. The book/supply store is now a cafe. The library is now the book/supply store. The painting building has been modernized. The strange sculptural addition to the railings in front of the dorms is still there, as is the spiral stone sculture that was built shortly after I graduated. Missing was the Dale Eldred sculpture which I thought would be there forever. But much of the campus looked exactly the same.

Click on the images and they should start appearing as a slide show of sorts. You can advance to the next with a little arrow that appears on the far right of the image when you roll over that area. About halfway through the pictures they repeat in cross-eye format. You can skip to any of the pictures by clicking the thumbnails here:

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About the photos and this new site

Welcome to my new 3-D photo blog. I’ve sorta been obsessed with 3-D for the past few years so I figured it was about time I shared.

For Info about how to view the photos and the cameras I use click about the photos above.

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