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Rome: Vatican Museum

I just Spent 2 weeks in Rome. Good times.

Here’s Part one of a ton of pictures I took in 3D. These in this post are from the first couple days: mostly just at the Vatican Museum.  The Picture above is one of the most famous sculptures there called Laocoön and His Sons. It’s got a good story behind it. From from the myth that inspired it, to the history of the sculpture itself. It was made in Greece and discovered during the Renaissance. Michelangelo thought it was so rad he told the Pope to bring it to the Vatican so he could study it.

More posts will come later.

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Tony Millionaire and Nicholas Gazin

My benevolent employer Tony Millionaire and my friend Nicholas Gazin both had gallery openings this week.  Well I missed Tony’s gallery opening because it was at the same time as Nick’s, but Tony did have a signing at Desert Island comic shop in brooklyn the night before which I was able to attend. Nicholas’s show was called “No Escape” and happened at the Mishka store on Broadway in Brooklyn. Here are pictures from both shows. My fuji camera doesnt do great in low light without a flash. the pictures arent great but they are in THREEEE DEEEEE

Here’s Tony Millionaire and Ridge Carpenter. Who has the better name?

Nicholas Gazin and Pappy Gazin

Click on the images below and they should start appearing as a slide show of sorts. You can advance to the next with a little arrow that appears on the far right of the image when you roll over that area. About halfway through the pictures they repeat in cross-eye format. You can skip to any of the pictures by clicking the thumbnails here:

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