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WFMU Antique Phonograph Bryant Park

I saw Mac from WFMU’s Antique Phonograph Music Program DJing crank-up phonographs live in Bryant Park on tuesday. I shot the video below and the photo above with my 3d camera. If you like this sort of thing as much as I do, you should be listening to the show every tuesday night at 8pm on WFMU in the New York area or you can download the podcast here or on Itunes and listen on your ipod.

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Edison Amberola Cylinder player

Here’s some 3-D footage of an Edison Amberola Cylinder player I picked up in Iowa last year. If you don’t know anything about these, they are pretty neat. They play cylinder shaped records without electricity. Cylinders were the first popular form of records, and Edison manufactured them up until about 1929 or so, at which they had already been replaced in popularity replaced by flat 78 rpm records.

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